Best New Year Eve Party Ideas 2019 – In Affordable Expenses

Celebrating New Year Eve is one the most pleasurable moment of New Year Festival. Different types of New Year Eve Parties are conducted for uniting the family and friends and enjoy the night of New Year with them
To make your this New Year Eve Party memorable, do something unique and different from the formal New Year Parties.
New Year Eve Party Ideas

Don’t Have Idea What To Do? 
Don’t worry we have selected Best New Year Eve Party Idea 2019 for you in affordable range. These ideas are divided into different categories which will make it easy for to select. All of these ideas are financially affordable. They are in affordable range and it’s easy for a normal class family to apply these.

New Year Eve Party Ideas 2019:

Below we have divided this article into separate categories for party ideas it includes, party ideas for adults, New Year Eve party ideas for family and friends, New Year Eve Food Party, New Year Eve Party Games. 

Things To Remember Before Preparing For New Year Eve Party:

Consider the following things:
  • Start Preparation for one day before. Even if it’s a small party. New Year 2019 Last day is one of the most enjoyable days so do not waste your that amazing moment on preparing for the party. Do all the arrangements one day before.
  • If you are serving food on the New Year Eve 2019 then prepare it just before the time of dinner. Usually, it’s winter and the food gets cold very soon.
  • Make a separate small section for kids and Provide them with toys etc so that they enjoy their own.
  • Try to place the glasses as high as possible. On new year most of the kids hurt themselves with glasses.
  • Do not forget to bring Party caps and that irritating sound making tool. This brings the real fun to party.
  • For Music try to keep the speakers in a place where its 3 sides are blocked by wall and only the front part is open. This will add real bass to the sound.
  • If you are planning for lighting make it sure to keep it high from children reach.
  • Plan your own small firework if possible. Keep in mind the preventive measures.

New Year Eve Party Idea 2019 For Family:

new Year eve party 2019 with family

  • Antipasto Skewers: These antipasto skewers are quick and easy to make, and they taste absolutely delicious! To make the skewers, simply place a slice of prosciutto, a sun dried tomato, basil leaves and a mozzarella ball on a wooden skewer.
  • Golden Balloons: If you’re looking for centerpiece ideas for your New Year’s Eve party, check out these lovely golden balloons. The balloons are weighed down with gold ornaments, and the table also includes matching gold crown plate toppers.
  • Sequin Star Stir Sticks: Your guests will feel like stars when they see these sequined stir sticks. The stars are easy to make: all you need are some sequined star appliques, craft felt, hot glue, scissors and bamboo skewers!
  • Champagne Bar And Disco Ball Decorations: Transport your guests back to the 1970’s with this champagne bar featuring silver disco ball decorations. The bar includes a variety of champagne choices, and it also features sweet treats like macarons and chocolate-covered cherries.
  • Champagne Poster And Striped Straw: Champagne is a classic part of a New Year’s Eve celebration, and this poster celebrates the bubbly drink. For a fun treat, pair the poster with a bottle of cava with an attached striped straw.
  •  Fun photos: Take the picture of each of your guests with the digital camera. Have them make a funny face and be sure to tell them there is a prize for the best face. After all the pictures have been taken, download them to your computer or laptop and ask everyone to gather around the monitor. The winner will be judged on the greatest laughter.
  •  Celebrity hunt: Everyone writes the name of a celebrity, famous person or character on a piece of paper and then they stick to the forehead of the player on their left (use tape or office Post-It notes). Make sure they don’t see the name.  Now the game starts. Everyone else can see your forehead. The objective is to work out who you are. Going around the table, each payer takes a turn to ask the party questions about who they are – answers can be YES or NO only. If you get a YES you may continue asking, if you get a NO play moves on to the left. Last person to guess their name is the loser.
  •  Create your own time capsule: Put anything you want to remember along with your resolutions in a container and then hide it till next year.
  • Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats: These pretty pink champagne floats include two scoops of raspberry sorbet and a glass of pink champagne. For a garnish, place whole raspberries on top of the sorbet.

New Year Eve Party Ideas for adults:

Some interesting and unique ideas for celebrating New Year Party with friends. Adults boys and girls have a very different style of their partying and celebration so we thought to put a separate category for it and show you some really amazing plans for you party.
New Year Eve Party With friends

  •   New Year’s Eve-Themed Charades: Charades makes the perfect New Year’s Eve party game with a little update. Use this list of New Year’s inspired words for topics to act out. Throw in a few that are related to popular news or events of the year for an extra chuckle.
  •  The Ultimate Champagne Race: Don’t worry; this is not a chugging match. For this one, players race to fill their Champagneflutes using only a teaspoon to transport the Champagne from a bowl to the glass. The first person to finish stands up, and taps his or her glass with the spoon. The winner gets to give a toast for the New Year.
  •  Two Resolutions and a Lie: Based on the popular ice breaker Two Truths and a Lie, this game is a great way to get guests to know each other better over a few laughs. The premise: Guests have to try to figure out what the other guests are lying and telling the truth about. In the NYE version, they’ll have to figure out which two resolutions you really want this year, and which one is completely made up.
  •  Tape Heads: Apparently this game is actually called Heads Up, but at camp we called it Tape Heads so that’s the name I’m going with forever. You may have seen it in Inglourious Basterds. Materials needed are either masking tape and marker; paper, tape, and pens; sticky notes, or some other form of paper that will have a way of sticking onto your forehead. Each person writes down the name of a famous person on their piece of paper and then passes the paper face-down to the person to their right. Without looking, everybody sticks the paper to their forehead. Then, you each take turns asking each other yes or no questions to try to determine who’s on your forehead. Watching people struggling to figure out something you already know is always hilarious, albeit in a slightly sadistic way.
  •  Catchphrase: Catchphrase is another word guessing game. You can play this with a board game or an app, or you can use the power of imagination and a pre-determined set of words — like, for example, a list. The goal is for each team to try to get their team to guess as many words as they can under a certain time limit. You obviously can’t use any parts of the word, or a rhyming word, in your clues.

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